Friday, January 21, 2011

Logitech USB 350 Headset

The 350 is an over-the-head headset with a movable mic. The speakers rotate so that it fits your head more comfortably. This headset is not that comfortable, the ear cups rest on your ear, and are leather, so your ears will get hot and sweaty, and since its resting on your ears they will begin to ache.

The mic can be rotated up when you're not using it, and can also be moved closer to your mouth or away from it, depending on your volume, which is fairly nice, except there is not much movability involved.

It is a USB Headset so that you can use it with the PS3 and any USB device.

There is a mic mute button, with a light that flashes when the mic is muted and stays on when it is not. This light is rather bright and i would not recommend looking directly into it.

Sound playback:

the quality of sound is rather well for this headset. when playing games or listening to music, this headset is much better than ear-buds or the standard 3.5mm headphones. if you can manage to get over how uncomfortable  this headset is, you will actually be shocked at how good things sound.

Sound Recording:

the microphone on this headset is made for voice chat, which it works with very well. The ambiant sound pickup is not too bad, but it still does pick it up. You don't need to turn the volume up very much at all in order to be heard as with many other headsets.

i'd give this a 3/10 for gaming and a 5/10 for every day use. Honestly, i cant stress just how uncomfortable this headset is. it makes up for it with good sound quality and a great mic, and it is fairly cheap, so you do get what you pay for.

Personal Tidbit:
I'd recommend using this as a mic and wrapping it around your neck and pick up some more comfortable headphones.

*note* I plan to add pics and possibly a video review

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