Saturday, January 22, 2011

Microsoft Sidewinder Laser Gaming Mouse

This mouse is a very nice, comfortable mouse. your palm rests comfotably on the back of the mouse, which is just big enough for your whole hand. The mouse is a USB based mouse, and has a dock included with it which holds your weights and feet for the mouse. The USB cord goes through this dock so that you only use as much cable as is needed.

There is a nice panel that comes out of the right side of the mouse that has 3 slots for your weights, so that it can be customized to your play style. There are also 5 feet that can be replaced for smooth, semi-rough, and rough surfaces. which are black, white and grey

There is also a LED panel which shows your current DPI or if you are recording a macro.

There are two buttons on the left side of the mouse for your thumb. They are right at your fingertips so you know which one you are pressing at any given time.
There are also 3 DPI buttons which you can set the DPI for each. between 200-2000 DPI, which is kind of low on today's standards, but is plenty enough for any game I've played.
There is a button on the back of the mouse which launches the games folder in windows 7, which is fairly nice, although it can't be reprogrammed.

There is a macro button that you can press to record and execute macros.

Another cool feature, which is purely aesthetics, is the red light that comes out of the back of the mouse, and the red light that is on the DPI button. It looks pretty cool at night with only a red light floating around, and pretty cool during the day with it being a black/burgundy/red mouse.

There is included software which allows you to remap every button on the mouse, which then can be application specific.

The software includes a nice picture which shows what button you are currently reprogramming.

The default for the two side buttons are back and forward. But the software includes preloaded buttons such as quick-turn which turns you around 180 degrees (which requires some in-game programming to get the direction correct, and hardly ever gets exactly 180 degrees). Also there is a precision booster (which is the same as pressing a DPI button) but it boosts the accuracy of the mouse. It is mainly for sniper-shots, but can be useful for very tiny buttons.

This mouse gets an 10/10 for gaming and a 10/10 for every day use. The forward and back buttons are priceless and I miss them every time I use another mouse. Being able to re-program each button is also very nice for games and even for daily use.

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