Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Logitec G510 Keyboard

This keyboard from Logitech is a mid-range (gaming) keyboard. I wouldn't consider it a gaming keyboard, but then again I've been spoiled by my Ideazon Merc (see that review too!). 
Although, It is a gaming keyboard for all intents and purposes. The Logitech g510 has back-lit keys that you can change the colors of. It supports 3 different profiles, and it comes with the famous Logitech G-Keys. Another nice feature is the LCD screen which has various "apps" that display everything from the time, pictures off of your computer, to health and mana on the game you're playing. This is a nice feature but at the cost of some ram and added processes to your computer.
The G510 has a built in mic and headphone jack so that you can mute each with the press of a button and not have to go to desktop, and in some cases you can't (i'll get to the gaming mode later). The G510 also has media keys to control your music easily. A really nice feature is the scroll wheel which controlls volume, so you can adjust it quickly and know exactly how much you have adjusted.
The gaming mode is toggled on by a little switch at the top of the keyboard and is enabled when the light comes on. The gaming mode disables the window key so when you're playing a game you cannot accidently press the windows key and return to desktop while you are in the middle of a fire-fight or a raid.
There is also a backlight toggle button and a macro-recorder. The macro recorder is just a standard macro recorder.

The feel of this keyboard is just wonderful, they keys are very soft and easy to press, and it comes with a rather large wrist-pad.

Overall i'd rate this keyboard a 9/10 For gaming a 5/10 and for productivity a 10/10